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Welcome to our web resource dedicated to development (customization) of websites and implementation of document management and teamwork systems. Site development is a core activity of our company. The majority of sites developed by us are now free-standing profitable business projects.

Site customization involves plenty of issues. We are glad to give more light on questions most frequently asked by the customers.

Criteria of website development pricing:

- Website Design. Site development involves design aspect. In small-scale projects it can considerably influence the price. To avoid this, we suggest using free design. Ready-made pattern design doesn’t affect the price of site development, and you can choose between 6500 patterns. Our company can also offer you Flash-animated models – the cost of such design isn’t so high but it looks really eye-catching. Besides, you have a chance to order unique design in accordance with your requirements. Designer’s works and animated models are available upon request by e-mail or after preliminary discussion. 

- Content Management System (CMS) and its functions. Site development is unthinkable without programming. Content Management System makes it possible for a person with common PC operator knowledge to manage site autonomously – to create/ delete/ fill with content menu options; to add information to the product catalogues, galleries, pages, news; to export information from Excel files to the site (data base). One of CMS functions is to develop “personal accounts” where visitors can browse their orders, payment status, documents, accounts and the like. CMS functions are not limited by the above said, they can be extended depending on your needs.

Our Content Management System works 30% faster.

We don’t use object-oriented approach in small-scale projects, including Internet-shop level, while all more or less popular CMSs are developed with O-O approach. Download speed of the site is vital feature for its promotion. For large-scale projects such approach is necessary, but we propose you “the golden mean”.

Website customization demands to specify a number of questions: Whether you need advertising of the site? What is the purpose of the site? If you want to encourage the boost of clients from the site, you should tell it beforehand. We’ll give you free consultation and answer all your questions.

If your plan is to computerize your company with the help of the site, to implement document management system, you need 1С-Bitrix. If your organization isn’t equipped with proper software, we can provide you with the teamwork system based on free but showing good results technologies. Individual modules for 1C-Bitrix are also optionally available.

Site customization by our web studio gives extra profit to your company. In addition, we present our customers with free package of services.

Consultation is free.

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